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Your Flesh

Issue # 40

About once per issue, I run across a CD that temporarily restores my faith in the idea of music. This time it's this one - mostly because it's got nothing to do with music. TSJ is reminiscent of a wholly (as opposed to only partially) tuneless Chrome, The Jerky Boys if they were doctoral candidates... and God knows what else, really. It's technologically-based noise sandwiched between layers of stream-of-consciousness rant and prank phone calls to Christian prayer lines... theatre-of-hatred, and it's plain fucking brilliant.

Condemek are ugly minded, hateful people... evil geniuses of the highest order. I commend them wholeheartedly. And I ask them to kindly put their damn web page back up so's I can learn more about where this kind of magnificent, unholy bang-skrraw comes from. Cameo by Lee Ranaldo, by the way. [Functional Organization]

-David B. Livingstone

Manifold Records

This disc is the sickest! Combine dark, flowing ambient and soft-noise with prank calls to Christian phone-prayer lines. These people call these volunteers and tell them these horrible, sickening (and fun!) confessional stories, completely blowing their minds. They dont know whether to hang up or call an excorcist. The music could very well stand on its own, and in fact provides a very spooky segue from the humor of the phone calls, bringing a sinister, serious element to what could have been simply a humorous collection of prank calls. Excellent! On Tesco label from Germany.


Recorded between '95-'97 this 13 tracks CD is a must. A real experimental and varied approach of industrial manipulations, served by incredible samples of testimonies of lost souls to a kind of bigot fanatic religious radio show. Unsane, mesmerizing on the edge of madness of human poor life on earth. A master piece in blue green existence report with strong musical experiments which disturbed the weak reflections and precepts from christianity.

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