Damian Catera

Condemek's founder and HarshHouse visionary releases his first solo album

Process, Object, Intuition

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PROCESSS, OBJECT, INTUITION (CD) , the inaugural full length release on the newly formed Harsh House label is close to an hour of powerfully evocative guitar based pieces. This is the debut solo effort by Damian Catera. This CD, which was recorded during 1998, consists of five pieces which were realized with an expanded instrument system designed by Catera, that samples and mutates bits of performed guitar sounds creating a constantly evolving soundscape. Catera builds on his twelve years of work with the power electronics trio ConDemek to create a CD of uncompromising intensity. PROCESS, OBJECT, INTUITION should appeal to both hard-core noise heads and enthusiasts of computer music alike. (HH010)



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