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Who? This is somebody from Con Demek, and I am sure a few bells start ringing somewhere. Here, on his own, he just plays guitars, some even acoustic, but if you didn't know, you couldn't tell. He samples the six strings, puts it on harddiscs and they crash... 'Race Point Light' is an ocean of feedback like sounds and the rubbing of the screwdriver are the waves to hit the shore. 'Ilal' is more lighter kind of sound, minimalistic reverberating and slowly evolving it's course. 'Symbol' was inspired by Xenakis, but I couldn't tell (maybe I wonder who Xenakis is) and has a deepend feedback drone. 'Accident' is all about that computer crash and maybe that's why there is some kind of rhythm coming and going. The closing piece 'Composition 45' comes back to the first track and is feedback piece. Quite a heavy duty work of guitar noise, but one that certainly has been thought about, and that has many, even when they are only detailled, events happening. This is noise of some very good nature. (FdW)
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