Outburn Magazine (issue #12) reviews Skyline's Noiseotica CD


The first sound that bursts from my speakers as I put on Skyline is a guitar that soars so high it almost penetrates the atmosphere. As the clear screech of the tone orbits the earth, scarifying the atmosphere's invisible belly, a locked in, head snapping beat is tattooed underneath.  The contrast is invigorating, a juxtaposition that forces either the guitar lover or the lover of grooves to listen to sounds that may be unfamiliar to each. Skyline open doorways to unfamiliar terrain within electronic  music because they are not satisfied to simply regurgitate the norm. They have an ear towards some place else. Track two, "Razorbarbreakfast", opens with a looped groove and vocal sample, upon which subtle guitars slice with all the perfection of a surgeons scalpel, creating a more noisy, most hypnotic effect.  The way the music flows from one extreme to another has almost as much, if not more to do with experimentalism...with taking chances, than with any formulaic electronica escapade. From the middle of the disc, cruising towards the end, lots of found media transmissions (snippets of radio or television fallout commercials and the like) create a cluttered wasteland of sounds, upon which rhythms continually evolve. When the guitar penetrates the illusion of comfort that Skyline  has lulled the listener into, it is pure sonic bliss. Jostle your perceptions with this compelling concoction. -JC Smith

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