damian catera : RADIO deComposition (hh-005)

RADIO deComposition is Damian Catera's third full length solo release which expands on his deCompositional approach to improvisation, utilizing live radio signals as instrumentation. This group of recordings is primarily from performances in New York City galleries and exhibitions between 2002-and 2004. The multitextured interplay on this 70+ minute cd marks sonic territory previously unexplored in Catera's 15+ years of work. At times sizzling white times etherally unintended sonic state of the union of American radio culture.

The Liner Notes:

"The airwaves of the NYC metro area serve as the sonic palette in these improvised pieces for three radios and real-time processing. For this group of deCompositions, live radio is sampled and altered on the fly, with randomization algorithms, which I wrote in the MAX/MSP programming environment. "

"This is a process that forces me to embrace unpredictability, as I’m usually dealing with source material that varies widely in quality and content. The ephemerality of it all is a strangely unifying and comforting factor. Happy conceptual accidents sometimes occur, and they occasionally seem to involve right wing paranoia…the desperate gasps of fear in the failing and deComposing experiment known as America. "