The following review of Dogmama appeared in the September/October 1989 issue of 'Option'

The first album by Con Demek, Disgorging Elements, had some great noise with sociopolitical commentary. It was an emotional statement of struggle against stagnant conformity.The great noise remains for most of this album, but the emotion, packaging, etc. now announce submission. Desperation, nightmares, and indifference are the order. With the original duo disbanded, leader Damian continues with a new expanded crew. On side one there is considerably more variety than side two. Opening with Sustained feedback and voice, it enters into a steady drum rhythm with slowly oscillating fuzz waves. Bits of scary shouting occur. Babies cry and a cello pulses as bright metallic noise flashes ever more densely. Then a slow drug raga begins on electric guitar with a deeply mixed voice going on about truth and indifference. As if to show indifference the song ends seductively with backwards looping of the rhythm track. Side two has a very repetitive drum track with metal banging, echo effects, grinding, roaring, voice treatments, etc., ending on a condemnation of too much rhetoric. It's a very effective yet fairly mechanistic outcome. -- Tom Grove

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