The following review of Discorging Elements appeared in the November/December 1987 issue of 'Option'

Self-described as "harsh atmospheric," this NY duo uses guitars, synths, tape, percussion etc. to create dense noise collage. Generally, the sound structures have several repetitive elements that pile up in layers and change or develop like minimalistic compositions. Little accents stir, propel, and jab at the swirling distortion. These accents may be noise or more "pure" sounds from hypnoic guitar or concrete sources. Several of the "songs" have provocative dialogues of a philosophical/political nature, giving this group's work a unique edge. The lyrics and sounds are both captivating and disturbing, so once you drop the needle down, there is no escape. I guess this would be like moving into New York City. A definite artistic and social statement with no tooling around- for quick comparisons, try Einsturzende Neubauten with Minimal Man interpreting early 70's Miles Davis.

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