Catera, Matt Mikas and Tom Roe
@ The Puffin Room
Sunday January 12, 2002
7-9 pm

photo by Christine Lamar

Damian Catera will perform with Matt Mikas, Tom Roe and several others at the Puffin Gallery which is located at 435 Broome St in NYC.

This performance will celebrate the release of RADIO ACTION 1, a cd of radio based pieces published by the Brooklyn sound art collective FREE 103. The cd will include excerpts from Catera's deCOMPOSITION NYC v.1 a piece for 3 radios and laptop which was performed at the Whitebox in NYC during June of 2002.

free103point9 will, for two hours, set up a virtual radio station at The Puffin Room, with 31 Down as MCs. Damian Catera serves as engineer with his self-made software that recombines radio signals. And Matt Mikas and Tom Roe will perform pieces from the "Radio Action" CD into transmitters for Catera to deconstruct.

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