Harsh House Night at the Knitting Factory Alterknit Theatre

On Friday Oct. 1  the Harsh House presents another evening  of live electronic sound and image manipulation at the Knitting Factory Alterknit Theatre, located on 74 Leonard St.  in lower Manhattan. Doors are at 9:30.

Damian Catera and Kevin Mccoy will perform another improvised videosonic piece utilizing Catera's expanded guitar system and Mccoys "Video Collider" software. The two last played together in the same space back on May 17th. Catera recently toured with KK Null in the US and just returned from a successful performance in the San Francisco Bay area, promoting his new cd PROCESS, OBJECT, INTUITION.  Mccoy and wife/ collaborator Jenn recently debuted an online experiment entitled "AIRWORLD"  which was sponsored by The Walker Center in Minnesota.

Starting off the evening  will be guitarist/sound artist extrordinaire, Dr. Mojo. Known primarily for his work with the ground-breaking but now defunct improv rock outfit KURU, Dr. Mojo  regularly contributes mind-bending sounds and images to the unsuspecting in many dark corners of Manhattan nite-life.

The nite will conclude with a set featuring all three performers.

<-- Catera